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Getting to Auschwitz from Krakow.
Getting to Auschwitz from Krakow
22nd May 2024

What are the options for getting to Auschwitz from Krakow?

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Just 1 day in Prague? Here's a whistle stop tour.
What to see in 1 day in Prague?
13th May 2024

A recommended itinerary for a 1 day trip to Prague.

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By my calculations, Lufthansa Business Class saved me money!
Lufthansa was cheaper in business than economy
6th May 2024

Maybe I was lucky with Oktoberfest weekend but Lufthansa was cheaper in business class!

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The building fronts of Bryggen, a highlight of our 2 day Bergen Itinerary
What to see in 2 days in Bergen
28th April 2024

Off to Bergen for a short break? Don't know what to do? Here's our suggested highlights for 2 days in Bergen.

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Travelling on the Bybanen from the airport to Bergen Centre is safe and easy
Bergen Airport to Center by Tram
1st April 2024

We looked at all of the transfer options to get from the airport to Bergen centre and chose the tram.

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Visit the Grand Mosque if visiting Abu Dhabi
A Long Weekend in Abu Dhabi
29th March 2024

A suggested itinerary for a long weekend in Abu Dhabi with a mixture of art, excitement and nature.

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Relax in the 1903 Lounge in Manchester Airport
Lounges at Manchester Airport
27th March 2024

What lounges are available at the airport? A "new" one returns in the autumn, but here's today's list.

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Enjoy a cherry liquor in Bar Wisnioffka in the Kazimierz district of Krakow
Bar Wisnioffka, Krakow
21st March 2024

Enjoy a delicious cherry vodka in the quirky Bar Wisnioffka in the Kazimierz district of Krakow.

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The nightly Qasr Al Watan Palace in Motion Show
Qasr Al Watan, Palace in Motion Show
18th March 2024

Most nights at the Qasr Al Watan, after sunset, you can enjoy the Palace in Motion light show.

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Relax in the 1903 Lounge in Manchester Airport
1903 Lounge, Manchester Airport
15th March 2024

The title of the premium lounge in T2, even the whole of Manchester airport, must go to to the 1903 lounge.

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Relax in the Aspire Lounges in Manchester Airport
Aspire Lounges, Manchester Airport
13th March 2024

Travelling through Manchester airport and want to start off in a relaxing environment out of the way of the busy crowds?

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What is the best way to get cheap data in Abu Dhabi?
How to get cheap mobile data in Abu Dhabi?
11th March 2024

How can I easily get cheap mobile data whilst in the UAE without spending a fortune on data roaming?

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UAE Dirhams are useful but is cash essential in Abu Dhabi?
Should I take Cash to Abu Dhabi?
8th March 2024

Are cards all that you need in Abu Dhabi or do you need cash on your dream trip to the capital of the UAE?

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Take Euros notes or credit cards to Munich?
Cash or Credit Cards in Munich?
5th March 2024

Are you going to take a pocket full of cash or just depend on your credit card, or even Apple / Android Pay in Munich?

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The bar in the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Munich
Munich Lufthansa Business Lounge H24 (non-Schengen)
1st March 2024

Lufthansa's Business Lounge provides a selection of food and drinks, and a place to rest or work before your flight.

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Empty Nest Travellers is about exploring different parts of the world now that school holidays and kid's club are not the main factors in our breaks.
From slightly mnore exotic breaks away to visiting new European cities for a long weekend, this blog will be a collection of experiences and learnings from those trips, such as answering your questions such as Do I need cash in Abu Dhabi?. Various suggested itineraries based on our experiences can be found and our favourite trips will certainly be highlighted.
But holidays, and weekend trips, are not just about the destination. Getting there is as much a part of the holiday as being there to us, whether that's flying on the Emirates' A380 or starting off our trip in the Aspire Lounge Manchester T1 or the 1903 Lounge Manchester Airport T2 are some of our favourite treats after the fun of checkin and security.
And a bit of extra luxury is appreciated so sometimes business class and other special experience, such as fancy spas and saunas, are involved. Not as daft as they sound, an hour in a Czech beer spa is an hour well spent relaxing and spending time with a special person.