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Aspire Lounge at Manchester Airport

Welcome to the Aspire Lounge in Manchester Airport
Welcome to the Aspire Lounge!.
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Which terminal is Aspire Lounge Manchester Airport?

The Aspire Lounge we use in Manchester is in Terminal 1, although there is also an Aspire Lounge in Terminal 2. In terminal 1, from security, head through the duty free and into the shopping area. Before you pass through all of the shops there are signs to the Premium Lounges, which lead the first floor where all lounges are located. Signs will clearly lead you to the Aspire and Escape lounges, which are opposite to each other.

Is the Aspire lounge worth it?

The Aspire Lounge can be good value
We think this lounge is good value even when we are travelling as an 'extended group' of 4.
But it really depends on how you behave in the airport. We typically turn up at the airport as early as possible because we enjoy being there and we'd rather be there early than cutting it fine in traffic. With the Aspire lounge you are allowed 3 hours access from the time that you book, and in that time you can help yourself to food and drink.

We'd normally otherwise be in an airport restaurant, followed by a coffee stop and then fighting to find somewhere to sit. So a guaranteed seat with a fixed price for the food and drink is well worth it for us.

The Aspire Lounge is a mid priced lounge in Manchester Airport and it's probably fair to say we'd spend as much eating in the restaurants as we do on lounge entry.

What is included in Aspire Lounge?

The Aspire Lounge in T1, Manchester Airport
Our favourite (public) lounge in Terminal 1 is the Aspire lounge in Manchester
A lot and it's all included! Beer and wine are available from the bar - just walk up, ask and you are served. Prosecco is available for a small surcharge. There are a couple of hot drinks machines dotted around the lounge to easily help yourself.

Although the lounge offers complimentary premium brand drinks an additional cost applies for fizz.

Food is regularly topped up in a buffet style with 2 or 3 choices of main meal, plus soup, sandwiches, cheese and usually scones with pots of cream and jam and maybe the odd cake. There's also a 'fun' pancake maker - press the button on the side of the machine and watch the dough being squirted out and then cooked into a pancake. You then choose your toppings from the buffet.

Free wifi is included and up to the minute flight information is displayed around the lounge so you know when your current flight time and when it is ready for boarding plus there are charging points around the lounge for those personal devices that need a little boost if you have a lot of work or browsing to do.

Is the Aspire Lounge Adults only?

The Aspire Lounge in T1, Manchester Airport
Tranquility in the lounge, but children are allowed
No, it is a family friendly environment and there are usually plenty of children especially down the far end, where there is also a TV. The end nearest the entrance is a 'quiet zone' and under 16s are not allowed entry there, so you can escape if the noise of children is bothering you, especially when it's Pepper Pig on full volume from their tablet...

Can I pay on the day?

The Aspire Lounge in T1, Manchester Airport
A good choice of help yourself food is available
You can, but it's a risk that you might not get in or might be delayed getting in. This lounge is frequently full and plenty of times I've seen people turned away at the door, or told to come back on 30 minutes to see if it's quieter because they haven't booked. For this reason it's well worth booking in advance. Advance bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance if you are worried.

Can I see out?

The Aspire Lounge in T1, Manchester Airport
The Aspire Lounge has views of part of the apron.
Yes! Many of the seats are by the window or are near enough to see out over the apron. You are overlooking the side of the pier used by EasyJet & Emirates so there usually is some movement, but you do get a bit of a view of aircraft passing and on the runway.

Accessing the lounge

After security and duty free, watch for the left turn up the stair / lift just before you hit the main part of the concourse. Once you reach the first floor (second floor for the Americans) you arrive on a balcony area with the toilets, Escape and Aspire lounges. If you have prepaid you just show your boarding pass, which is checked, and then you are allowed in. If you haven't booked it then depends how busy the lounge is and how many customers are expected.

The dress code is more relaxed than the 1903 Lounge in the other airport terminal, but don't arrive wearing vests (men), sportswear etc. The lounge welcomes priority pass cards, but check before you travel whether there is availability.