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Lufthansa's Munich Business Class Lounge H24 in the Non-Schengen Terminal

the casual seating area in Lufthansa's Business Class lounge in Munich
A view of the seating area in Lufhansa's Munich Business Class lounge, including some very comfy looking seats!
Table of contents

The Lufthansa Munich Business Class Lounges

Travelling "European Business Class" on Lufthansa includes access to the business class lounges, where they are available. Leaving from Munich, there are 4 lounges depending on your destination. Because of the time we were travelling and the fact we were flying to the UK (non-Schengen) there was only the H24 lounge available.

Do you get lounge access with Lufthansa Business Class?

Yes, and the lounge was easy enough to find. From business class checkin and through the dedicated business class security next to checkin, follow the signs through passport control (must get it stamped now) and then follow the signs to the lounges. At the entrance the boarding card is checked and you're free to help yourselves.

Initial impressions

the more formal / work area in Lufthansa's Business Class lounge in Munich
A view of the working area in Lufhansa's Munich Business Class lounge.
When we arrived in the lounge it was spacious and quite empty. Some of the food was a little low on supply, but we had a huge choice of tables and chairs and settled down to our first helpings. We initially chose cafe style table and chairs as we were hungry and wanting a main meal, but moved to more relaxing chairs later.

It quickly changed. A lot of other travellers started arriving in the lounge and the food supplies were changed. The staff obviously knew when to expect the rush.

Lounge Food & Drink

Alcohol free beer bottle and glass in Lufthansa's Business Class lounge in Munich
Lufhansa's Munich Business Class lounge even provides alcohol free beer choices!
Something that really impressed me was the beer choice. Whilst being in Munich in the Autumn I really didn't expect much less, what impressed me was the choice of 2 alcohol free beers amongst the traditional beers. Preparing for a short flight and then a drive home I wouldn't drink beer normally, but alcohol free choices enabled me to. So I enjoyed a couple of bottles!

The food choice was also good. Enough to fill us up as we'd not eaten before we started our journey to the airport, but as with most lounges not a spectacular assortment.

Can you pay to get into the Lufthansa Lounge?

the food bar within the lounge is well stocked
Help yourself from this food bar with warm food and snacks plus drinks.
Lufthansa don't sell entrance to this lounge so it is just used by passengers on Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner flights It was a very pleasant lounge, but not one with a huge wow factor and as we left virtually every seat was full. It is however well worth going in when it's included in the ticket and realistically, given the price between 'business class' and economy on our flight our upgrade was less than the price of a meal so in our case very worth while.